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"The skeletal features and hollowed out eyes of the lead actress Yana Yanezic are enough to tell us that this is a woman who puts the love of her child before herself, no longer knowing who this person is at the end of a very frazzled rope. The one big moment of shock threw me up out of my seat just as effectively any of the Dolby Digital-aided jump scares of Paranormal Activity 2" -

- by Timothy E.Raw, iTunes Film Review for 'Who's Afraid Of The Watersprite"


By Suzy Feay for Independent On Sunday: "I especially admired Yana Yanezic, playing in turn the erotic dancer Anita Berber, a nun, and the River Danube, yes really, now that's what I call watchable."


By Philip Fisher for The British Theatre Review: " As well as the puppetry, there are strange dream sequences and best of all the Blue Danube comes to life on stage, courtesy of Slovenian acctress and talented dancer, Yana Yanezic."



Yana Yanezic is a London UK based actress with professional dance background. She was born in Slovenia where she grew up and studied Classical Ballet as well as gained a Degree in Economics.

She has been awarded a talent sponsorship at a young age to continue her performing career in London UK.

Yana had a very dynamic dance career spanning from Ballet and Modern Dance Companies internationaly to numerous commercial dance engagements with various world wide known recording artists from UK and USA house hold names.


Acting career followed thereafter and has led her to several Guest Lead roles in major British TV Dramas, Film productions and also commercials.


Yana Yanezic is a passionate and eye catching actress, by all means naturally featuring strong presence of elegant and athletic East European appearance, fluent in four languages.

She is also an iceskater, formerTae-Kwon-Do competitor and Certified Stott Pilates Instructor specialising in Athletic Conditioning and Performance Enhancement for Elite Athletes and Professional Dancers.